HQMPC Garden Hose Durable PVC Non Kinking Heavy Water Hose with Brass Hose Fittings
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HQMPC Garden Hose Durable PVC Non Kinking Heavy Water Hose with Brass Hose Fittings

HQMPC Garden Hose Durable PVC Non Kinking Heavy Water Hose with Brass Hose Fittings

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HQMPC Durable garden hose water hose 5/8" ID

HQMPC Durable garden hose water hose 5/8" ID



garden hose short

Garden hose


  • GARDEN HOSE SUITABLE TEMPRETURE RANGE: Extreme all weather fleibility hose around (-45° to 180°F)
  • EASY COIL AND HANG– Won’t fight you when coiling and zero memory means the sprinkler stays put without twisting,It’s 20-30% lighter than traditional rubber garden hoses


Water hose


  • No KINK UNDER THE WATER PRESSURE: Water pressure exceed 50 Psi this garden hose lay flat with no memory Working pressure 150 Psi , bursting pressure 450 psi
  • LEAK FREE AND DURABLE: leak-free GTH 3/4" connections with abrasion reistant bursting resistant water hose easy to maneuver arond bushes obstacles trees,heavy duty brass connectors


5/8" Garden water hose


  • WATER HOSE SIZE : 5/8" ID, 5ft,10ft,20ft ,50ft,75ft,end connector Male Female 3/4" GTH
  • You can dirrect connect with bibb, or you can use garden quick connect to fast assemble


Garden hose connector fit advice

garden hose 20 fet

This garden hose female connector design by hand screw

Fix advice:

1, hand screw

2, No big spaner, don't strong power fix

HQMPC Garden Hose Features:

garden hose

garden hose

water hose

Weather- resistant

Frost and UV condistions

Lowest Working Temperature: -45F

Highest Working Temperature: 180F


3 Layers Flexible HYBRID

1 Layers Resists abrasion cover

Resistant to PRESSURE

Working pressure : 150PSI

Bursting pressure : 450PSI

always keep its shape

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great hose, no kinks after I spooled in onto my hose reel.

At first, I experienced a lot of hard kinks when I tried to put it on my hose reel the first time like other reviews that I read.
I ran water thru the hose while stuggeling to remove the many kinks I encountered while putting it on my hose reel. I hoped that several days on the hose reel would eliminate those kinks.
That did the job.
When I used it for the first time after that, the hose was kink free, soft and supple.
No problems in reeling it back in either without leaving the water on for hose support.

After two weeks using this hose I still think that it is a great hose. I have unrolled/rolled it from my hose reel. Absolutely no kinks even without water pressure. Very soft and flexible.
Once you get it unrollect from the shipping shape and undoing any kinks, It's great.

I'd buy it again.


Great hose, does what is is intended to do well.


Have only had a few months but in Texas weather conditions these have held up well. Seems to be good quality and hopefully will last a while.

Garden Hose high-quality

I am surprised how flexible this hose is. Does not kink for me. Maybe because is not that long, but I think it is due to the material it is made of- not that stiff but rather rubbery . Very nice. I honestly recommend it.